Monday, March 23, 2015

ISIS Posts "Kill List"

It's a list of American military members and their families they intend to kill. What they seem to forget is that these people aren't the “soft target” kind of people they usually kill. Unarmed people going about their business completely unaware of being targeted by fools. If they go after people on this list, I guarantee you many of them are going to die—and die painfully. I'm sure we have a list of ISIS members. Why don't we publish that list, then go out and kill them. Maybe that would convince them that we aren't the “pussy-willows” they seem to think we are, and which Obama has worked HARD to cement in their minds. Of course, Obama will never do such a thing. He IS such a “pussy-willow.” Especially by doing such things as pulling our troops out of Yemen as ISIS terrorists take over there instead of wiping them out, and leaving them our weapons and equipment. (World Net Daily)

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