Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's Happening Again

They promised Hillary that the Democrat nomination for president would be hers in 2008. That she would be pushed right into the White House by the “powers that be.” Instead, late in the process, Obama “came out of the woodwork” and “elbowed her aside” to become the nominee, and then be elected president. Who is he? Nobody knows. Obama's past is one of the most closely guarded secrets going. We KNOW he is a Muslim, but we won't admit it. So after giving her the “booby prize” of one term as Secretary of State, a position at which she failed badly, she is now again being touted as “the inevitable candidate” while forces in the Democrat Party are at the same time working to supplant her again. Who will come along, I don't know. Maybe Obama himself will decide to run, violating the Constitution, yet again. What does he care. He violates it DAILY and nobody calls him on it. But can he win such an election in the current atmosphere? Doubtful. So whoever the Republicans put up, unless he is a real fool and does something really stupid, will probably win, denying him his third ILLEGAL term. Does that mean we will “get well” under a Republican administration? Maybe, if the candidate can hide his Reagan-like thinking from Republicans long enough to be elected. (American Thinker)

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