Thursday, March 19, 2015

Deports Muslims, Crime Goes Down

I hate to describe an entire “religion” as a bunch of thieves and murderers, but when it comes to Muslims, it's hard not to, considering what they do to THEMSELVES with their “honor killings” and treatment of their women, and not even speaking of those wanting to KILL those who do not “believe” the way they think they ought to. My apologies to those few among them who do not commit crimes, but it's hard to pick them out until their friends commit a crime and they do not, since so many of them do. In Denmark, it's not the same. In 2014, they deported 71,000 Muslims and, guess what? Their crime rate DROPPED 30% (30 PERCENT!). Does that tell you anything? In America today, we don't even deport known criminals among ANY alien groups.

South American (chiefly Mexican) immigrants, mostly ILLEGAL immigrants who commit crimes are given special privileges not even AMERICANS get. They get convicted of crimes and then get RELEASED into our society. And our crime rate soars. What would happen if we deported criminals of ALL kinds? Probably wipe out crime as we know it. But will we ever do it? Not a chance. If we did it to Muslims, they'd claim racism--falsely because Muslim is NOT a “race.” It is mostly a bunch of thieves and murderers CLAIMING to be a religion. If we did it to Spanish ILLEGAL aliens, they'd also claim racism, forgetting that ALL those deported are ALREADY lawbreakers, just by coming here without authorization. It will NOT be racism, even though they are all of the same race. Race is simply incidental. But they take advantage of being a “different race” to stop liberals from punishing their lawbreakers. (Tea Party Politics)

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