Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The "Fix Is In"

Holder looks pretty self-satisfied, doesn't he? Nobody's looking for Lois Lerner's e-mails, no matter how much they insist they are. Not the DOJ, not the IRS itself. They all knew her imagined “computer crash” didn't cause them all to be lost, that the IRS paid outside sources to keep copies in case THEY needed them. But not if somebody ELSE needed them to find out what skulduggery the IRS was up to. But SOMEBODY still looked—and they were found, to the dismay of the IRS. Somebody that didn't get the memo. I guess he hasn't heard that, yet. A lawyer who still looked says the IRS never DID look for them, and the DOJ shut the search down, apparently on orders from IRS' top people, which means they were ORDERED to shut it down by the PRESIDENT. Treasury assistant Inspector General Timothy Camus told Congress that NOBODY ever looked for the e-mails, and, without orders, neither did they. But a lawyer still searching for them found the back-up tapes about two weeks ago. And he learned that the OBAMA administration shut down the search a long time ago—BEFORE they were found. Surprise, surprise! And David Axelrod LIES when he says there have been NO scandals during the Obama administration, What he means it that the scandals that DO exist have been sufficiently “tamped down” as to allow him to make that untrue claim. (DailyCaller)

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