Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Punish the Deniers!"

AlGore is getting desperate. He wants to PUNISH those who truthfully DENY his global warming (whatever he calls it now) swindle.  He's losing patience with the intelligent people who know the truth and aren't afraid to say so in public. He's losing control over his swindle. It was bad enough he had to change its name from “global warming” to “climate change,” a sufficiently “neutral” phrase that would allow him to attribute ANY “out of the ordinary” weather to the LIES he's pushing, so that ANY kind of weather would deposit money in his pockets. Now he wants to PUNISH those who deny his swindle. Of course, there's that pesky Constitution holding him back, but as an avid student of Obama's IGNORING of that august document, he is willing to do so, himself—and there is no shortage of FOOLS willing to help him, apparently, some openly working to PUNISH those who have seen the evidence, and KNOW his swindle is just that-a SWINDLE designed to separate us from our money and put it in HIS pockets. He keeps calling his swindle “accepted science,” but that begs the question: “Accepted by WHOM?" Climate science promoters? It is NOT “accepted science.” Not accepted by any INTELLIGENT people, anyway. Many prominent “climate scientists” say Gore is LOONEY and needs to be in a “looney bin.” I disagree. I think it's just a scam to loot other people's wallets. Yes, some of his “ climate scientists” agree with him, mostly those who have used “climate science” to get lucrative contracts to support his LIES. But FACTS deny it, and you can't “punish TRUTH. (Eco Watch)

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