Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Starbucks Killing Themselves

“I have 50 or 60 million customers who are going to come through our stores next week and they’re going to hear a message … whether they want to listen or not.” — Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz . Sorry, Schulzie, I won't be among them. And I won't be at “Dunkies,” either. I won't be there to hear the dictated diatribe you plan to inflict on your customers because I'm not your customer, and now never will be, under any circumstances. Even if I DID go there, it would be only for coffee—not to be regaled by racist blathering. You may want to destroy your business by cooperating with Obama in creating a race war, but I won't be there to listen. Besides that only lasted two days before you "smartened up."

One of the unexpected consequences of your foolishness will be fewer customers for your battery acid after the first couple of days. Maybe enough for you to go out of business, leaving many empty stores for somebody else to occupy. The racism you're preaching—the NEW racism—is black against white racism, which you think is okay. But it's not. NO kind of racism is okay, and “whipping up racism” of ANY kind is not going to end well for your business. Even if I were one of your customers, I would not be back after I was FORCED to hear your diatribes while waiting for my coffee. And I'm sure many of your soon-to-be FORMER customers feel the same way. (Boston Herald)

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