Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Punish" Global Warming Deniers?

AlGore is getting a little big for his britches. And he's getting frustrated. We've come up with too many good reasons to find his global warming (whatever he calls it now to fool us) thing to be a SWINDLE and the best way to put a stop to our criticism is to SHUT US UP. He wants ANY opposition to his swindle to be punishable by law. It's not possible without flouting the Constitution and it's First Amendment, but in a world where the president (Obama) flouts it daily he thinks he can get away with it. He is now saying “the denial industry” is a constant, regardless of the “settled science” that supports his scam. There's only one problem. “Settled science DOES NOT SUPPORT his swindle. Just the opposite, in fact. The globe has NOT been warming for MORE than 15 years. His classic claim that the ice in the poles is melting has been PROVED to be a lie. His celebrated story about polar bear numbers shrinking because of the melting ice has ALSO been proven to be a LIE. There are more polar bears in existence now than ever before. Same as ice floes. And polar bears can SWIM for hundreds of miles in FREEZING water. His swindle has become such an obvious scam that the only way now for it to continue is to SHUT US UP, and that he intends to do, if he can. If he can, I will be one of the FIRST to be shut up because I will NEVER stop telling the truth, about ANYTHING. (China Topix)

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