Sunday, March 22, 2015

Why Does Obama Hate Bibi?

Obama obviously hates Bibi Netanyahu. He ignored him when he came to America to speak to our Congress (by invitation, I might add). He sent his henchmen (at OUR expense) to Israel to work AGAINST his re-election (which may or may not be a CRIME), and was INCENSED when Netanyahu won in spite of his meddling in the affairs of another nation. What is going on, here? He hates Bibi because Bibi is staunchly AGAINST the Palestinians, who are Islamic terrorists that rocket bomb Israel DAILY. Obama is working “hand-in-glove” with Islamic terrorists. Thus, Netanyahu's win is a “setback” for his “friends.” Would I be called, “Captain Obvious” in some circles if I pointed this out? Absolutely. Obama has long been IN FAVOR of what the Islamic terrorists are doing. Every time he is called upon to “approve, or disapprove” of their works, he has signified his APPROVAL by the way he “rules.” Why people with any “pull” don't notice and do something about this, I can't tell you. I can only tell you “the fix is in” for Obama and always has been, since he “came out of the woodwork” and elbowed Hillary Clinton (who previously had been the obvious Democrat candidate in 2008) aside to CON his way into the presidency. Frankly, I think it was a “bloodless coup” for him to be elected president. Obama has ADMITTED that he IS a Muslim, on many occasions, in places where he thinks we will not hear about it. There is nothing wrong with his BEING Muslim. There is a LOT wrong with his HIDING it in the face of Muslim terrorism and the raping and BEHEADING of men and women in front of their CHILDREN, then BEHEADING the children, TOO, after raping them. (You Tube)

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