Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Law Against "Islamaphobia?"

A Michigan town has now passed a law against “Islamaophobia. That's like passing a law against criticizing the NAZIS or the Japanese during World War II, when they were the ENEMY. Or like passing a law against disagreeing with the president. Aside from being UNCONSTITUTIONAL, it is STUPID to do any such thing. But don't try and tell that to the stupid politicians who did it. They call such criticism “:hate speech,” and therein lies the stupidity. Human intelligence demands you be able to criticize people who are wantonly killing, raping, beheading children and adults, and kidnapping and selling young girls into slavery while kidnapping innocent non-combatants for ransom, and killing most of them, beheading some. To criticize such behavior is PATRIOTISM, not “hate speech.” And politicians who would make a law against it should be removed, prosecuted, and IMPRISONED. Maybe even EXECUTED. (Liberty Alliance)

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