Saturday, March 14, 2015

Best Friend to Terrorists

That's how I would describe Barack Hussein Obama. He is the best friend they've got in the world. How he got himself elected president with his background is a complete mystery to me. He was closely connected to not one, but TWO ideologies inimical to everything we stand for. He was BORN to communists (BOTH his parents were dedicated communists), RAISED by communists, MENTORED most of his life by communists, then he was pushed on us as a politician and presidential prospect by someone from behind the scenes who had a lot of control over the media and in politics. Beside that he was BORN a Muslim, RAISED in a Muslim country, and TAUGHT by Muslims most of his life. How he could ESCAPE being a Muslim or at least having Muslim thinking and leanings, again, is beyond me.

His supporters boldly pushed aside the woman who was at the time, “anointed” by the Democrats and was said to be the “inevitable" next president, as if she didn't exist. The ranks of Muslim terrorists are growing like a metastasized cancer on the world and he's HELPING. As the American president, he's SUPPOSED to be FIGHTING them. Instead, he's “apologizing” for them, playing down their successes, refusing to NAME them as the enemy. He is FINANCING them (on the QT), ARMING them (again on the QT), and PRETENDING to oppose them, authorizing ONLY a few air strikes that destroy not much more than pickup trucks on lonely roads or maybe blowing up a few empty buildings with NO, or FEW  terrorist casualties, why people who can DO something about him ignore this, again, is beyond me. He apparently has no idea the danger he is putting this nation in, or that's what he WANTS. It has to be one way or the other. There's no in between. Either he's STUPID or he's a traitor. (Stars and Stripes)

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