Thursday, March 5, 2015

It Was A LIE!

Liberals and Democrats (a repetition, there) made a “big thing” of a LIE since August, 2013, attempting to incriminate the cop who shot and killed a giant thug who was bent on killing HIM. Eric Holder has now ADMITTED it was a lie. They also made a big thing out of the fact he was a teenager, and was unarmed, completely ignoring that, as big as he was, he didn't NEED a gun to be “armed.” Yes, he was a teenager. But he was a behemoth and well able to KILL with his hands. He was reaching for that cop's GUN, so he could shoot HIM. Also ignored was the fact that he was a STRONG-ARM ROBBER, having stolen cigars and intimidated a smaller clerk into not stopping him from leaving. How many other strong-arm robberies has he gotten away with, because people are afraid to talk about it? Now the cop who killed him, while executing his job flawlessly, is “out of a job” for it, and is “blackballed” from being hired by ANY “cop shop”--in Missouri, at least. Maybe he can be hired elsewhere, I don't know. Or maybe get a lesser job, just to get “eating money.” They “got rid of him” and denied him his pension—for “doing his job flawlessly,” and they're not likely to rehire him. He has been YEARS with NO income. How is his family LIVING? Maybe he needs to SUE his police department for false firing to gain back some of the money they STOLE from him on false pretenses..(Cowboy Byte)

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