Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's WRONG With These People?

Islam is our ENEMY! At least, a lot of it is, and that part that IS our enemy are the ones pushing such things as “Hijab Day” in our schools, with the idea of “legitimizing” Muslim practices among young, impressionable students, who haven't been ALIVE long enough to know their ways are an ANATHEMA to all we stand for. Wearing a Hijab seems to those who know nothing, to be innocuous, but it isn't. The Hijab is the SYMBOL of their abysmal treatment of their women. Muslims say (and the school echoes), “The hijab is a headcovering worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty and their devotion to God.” But in reality the Hijab is the symbol of the SLAVERY of women in ANY Muslim society. It is worn (at the DICTATE) of Muslim MEN because they're afraid other men might desire “their women” and they're afraid they aren't enough MAN to withstand it. It symbolizes their OWNERSHIP of that woman. Why don't these people REALIZE that? Why do they “cooperate in their own destruction?” There will always be ignorant people like this around, and we have to be vigilant, and do what we can to mitigate their ignorance. Notice, this is happening in—where else?-- California! The state of nuts, run by “Gov, Moonbeam.” (World Net Daily)

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