Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Guaranteed!

Religious freedom is the “law of the land,” no matter what gay activists may want you to think. I have nothing against what gays do in the privacy of their bedrooms. I DO have a problem when they want to FORCE it on me or mine by DEMANDING I do things that may be against my religion (I'm not saying it is, but If it were, I would jealously GUARD my right to do so.). Just as, if I were a printer, I would NOT print a poster saying, “DEATH TO AMERICA!” They can put me in PRISON for refusing and iI would still refuse. It seems like gays are PURPOSELY going to the ONE bakery in town that is run by Christians, KNOWING they would refuse their business on religious grounds, so they could make a case for infringement of THEIR rights (which do not exist in law), while what they are DEMANDING infringes on the constitutional rights of the BAKER. They can screw each other and be damned, for all of me. I don't care. That's their business. But if they ever demand I do something against my will, for ANY reason, they can GO TO HELL! (Just common sense)

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