Wednesday, April 1, 2015

HIillary's A Damned Liar!

Worse than her husband. At least most of the lies he tells aren't so easily proved false as are hers. She says the only reason she had her own server for her e-mails is so she would only have to carry around ONE device. THAT'S a lie. She had at least FIVE devices capable of sending and receiving e-mails that she carried around, including an iPad and a Blackberry. She said she only deleted PERSONAL e-mails, but that's a lie, as well. She had absolutely no reason to delete ALL her “personal” e-mails, en masse, after Congress subpoenaed ALL her e-mails. To do so is a CRIMINAL offense, and if you or I did it, we'd quickly be “in irons,” doing the “perp walk” in front of the press, to firmly place in the minds of the public that we ARE criminals. But Hillary is “entitled.” all this hooraw about her e-mail is just “spit in the wind” (or another word, spelled similarly) to convince people they are DOING something about her while they're getting nothing done. (Mail News)

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