Sunday, April 12, 2015

Yes, This Is New

At first glance when I saw this headline, I said to myself, “This is new?” Because I well knew that communist China purposely placed clinics close to prisons to make it easier to quickly “harvest” organs from executed prisoners. Seems that's “big business” in communist China since they execute so many people for even MINOR “crimes,” Sometimes just for disagreeing with politicians. But this IS the first I've heard of them “harvesting” organs from LIVING people, and especially without anesthesia. They reportedly kill about 10,000 political prisoners per year, which really should be enough. But greedy people always want more. Word is that personnel at Chinese “hospitals” take organs from LIVE patients, and throw the bodies in the incinerator before they're even dead. This is a good indication of what you can expect when a government is in TOTAL control, and the people HAVE no rights, whatsoever. They have, according to some testimony, included rape in their box of tricks, raping women before taking their organs (while still alive) WITHOUT anesthesia. (Last Resistance)

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