Saturday, April 11, 2015

What About the Constitution?

There is an increasing call to PUNISH “global warming deniers.” This, after global warming has been PROVED false in many ways. They can no longer ANSWER the criticism from knowledgeable people who UNDERSTAND their swindle, so they just want to shut us up! AlGore (the chief global warming swindler) was the first to suggest punishing “global warming deniers,” and now Adam Weinstein, of the Gawker (another global warming swindler) has joined the chorus. He says those “deniers” are LYING, and we have laws on the books to punish liars. But the lies are coming from HIS direction, so why aren't THEY being punished? We have a constitutional RIGHT to freedom of speech and, unless you can PROVE a person is lying, you have no case. We have PROVEN our case, so we don't need to make them shut up. But they do have a reason to shut us up, because they can't PROVE we're lying. These swindlers need to be arrested and imprisoned, not have the right to SHUT UP the people who tell the TRUTH about their swindle. (Lew Rockwell)

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