Thursday, April 23, 2015

Using toilet Paper

Why ANYBODY would subscribe to a “religion” that so completely controls what you do that it pretends to be able to tell you what you can use to “wipe your butt” after you defecate or tells women how they can pee in the street without showing anything is beyond anything I've ever seen. Maybe that's why they insist you “convert” to their phony “religion” or be killed? Being under a sentence of death is the only reason I would ever even CONSIDER “converting” to this CULT “religion.” But only for as long as it takes me to kill the one who is threatening me. Before they were given “permission” to use toilet paper, what did they use? Their bare fingers? A recent “fatwa” also gives them permission to EAT THEIR WIVES if food is scarce. What about the rights of their wives to not only stay alive, but not be eaten? They obviously have NO REGARD for the rights of their women. Naturally, they will call this lies and propaganda. That's what they always call it when somebody tells the TRUTH about their fool practices. (Liberty Alliance)

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