Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Typical Illogical Liberal Thinking

Liberals, who deny the very EXISTENCE of logic (“logically”), are not know for their logical thinking. They're showing it again when they say the only new jobs the “fracking boom” are responsible for are those for prostitutes and maids. I guess what they're trying to say in their feeble way is that only top executives are making money from fracking, which, as usual, is STUPIDLY wrong. Without the hundreds, even thousands of WORKERS pulling the oil out of the ground, there would NOT be a “fracking boom.” They recognize this, but refuse to admit that ANYBODY but the “top brass” are making anything out of fracking when they say prostitutes and maids are the only ones making any money. Prostitutes from the increase in WORKERS making a lot of money, and the maids because the “top brass” needs more of them. That completely IGNORES the fact that there is a LOT of money floating around in areas where there is a “fracking boom.” For EVERYBODY, not just the “top brass.” The workers, and all the support industries, like groceries, filling stations, clothing stores, tool makers, and more. And, something they deny, single women, as well, make a LOT more money. All the oil drilling jobs are not for men, you know. The “rising tide raises all boats” is something (among many things) liberals just don't understand. (Washington Times)

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