Monday, April 13, 2015

"Double Standard"

The media is giving Rand Paul a hard time for his “anger issues” after he calmly and politely “took Savannah Guthrie to task” for talking over him, and not giving him a chance to answer her questions, but “gave Hillary a pass” on all HER occasions of “losing her temper” in public, and private (including throwing a book at her philandering husband, which even the then press officer admitted). One of the most well-known is her tirade on HER right to disagree with the administration in charge (then Gorge Bush's administration) and her famous “What DIFFERENCE does it make?” crack before the Congress, regarding Benghazi (showing her complete indifference to the deaths SHE caused). Liberals always make a lot of noise about Republicans when they rightly complain about their treatment by the liberal media, but give Democrats who also complain a “pass.” This is one of the more obvious cases of media bias there is, and they can't deny it and have intelligent people agree. (News Busters)

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