Friday, April 17, 2015

BS Everywhere!

It's not hard to see how politicians (and others) convince people who “pay no attention to politics” of their stupidities. They have ads running everywhere, and most people don't even consciously notice them. But their subconscious does. Like the ad I just saw saying, “This is America's Energy Moment.” Whatever the hell THAT means! But it doe a lot to support the phony “energy” scam that's being ruin on us by Obama and his henchmen. I see ads all over pushing things like “Save the Polar Bears!” (who don't need saving—they're thriving). And more telling us that MAN is responsible for “global warming” (whatever Gore is calling his swindle now). It amazes me that they can get so many FOOLS to believe that BS, when it's a known fact (ignored by the global warming promoters) that the “globe” has NOT been warming for at least the last FIFTEEN years—most of the time in which Gore's swindle has been increasing. Even if it were true, what's bad about ONE DEGREE increase in temperature in a hundred years? “Climate change” is CYCLICAL. The “globe” warms, then it COOLS, Then it warms again. And Gore (and many more people) have made a LOT of money from it. (Just common sense)

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