Sunday, April 12, 2015

Connecticut Criminalizes 2nd Amendment

Conn. Citizens have REFUSED to “register” their “assault weapons” and have been declared felons all. I hope they have big prisons in the state where 1700 citizens USED their “assault weapons” of the day (muskets) to overthrow King George in “the Colonies.” They can’t just ban guns, so they “go around” the Constitution by forcing people to “register” them and putting them in prison if they don’t. Maybe we need another revolution. As of Dec. 31, only 15% of “assault weapon owners” have applied for “registration.”” So that makes about 300,000 people now felons. Good luck putting them all in prison, folks! What amazes me is the STUPIDITY of liberal politicians who still think you can make a LAW and “solve” the “gun violence” problem by “registering” LEGAL guns. Which ignores all the ILLEGAL guns out there, whose owners are already lawbreakers. When are these people going to “wise up?” Damn, what stupidity! (

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