Monday, April 13, 2015

It's So Easy

When I embarked on this “mission” to tell Americans what their politicians and bureaucrats (Democrats AND Republicans) don't want them to know, I was wondering how I could keep enough material coming in to keep it going. I subscribed to many sources that promised to keep me informed of the peccadilloes and lies of our politicians and subsequently got a HUNDRED or more items ahead so that some of them, by the time they were published, were somewhat old. I needn't have worried. Today, I can barely get out of my e-mail without having more than enough material about the ignorant activities of our politicians. Day after day, these INCOMPETENT politicians and bureaucrats give me enough material to fill many more blogs than I can publish without my having to even LOOK for more. I have THREE main blogs, based on different angles of the same thing:

There's The Bull Cutter, which covers GENERAL silliness and lies committed. Then there's The Unarmed Citizen, which keeps people up to date on the ongoing systemic efforts to DISARM all Americans (not necessarily instances of armed citizens using their guns in self defense, since there are many other blogs to do that), and “Ray's Shorts,” one containing SHORT opinion comments not necessarily accompanied by the links to other sources, since this one is simply my OPINION. I leave the PROOF of their ignorance to my other blogs and news sources in this one. It's so easy to get information for these blogs, I only have trouble sitting here tapping on this keyboard long enough to get it down. (I AM 77, you know). Sometimes it hurts me just to lie in bed and SLEEP, let alone typing all day. But I'll keep doing this as long as I'm still able, bringing you TRUTH and OPINION from the point of view of a “rational individualist,” not that of a Democrat OR a Republican. (Just common sense)

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