Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Rights" That Don't Exist

Gays in Springfield, MO, are “standing up” for “gay rights” vs. religious rights. There's one problem: religious rights are guaranteed by the Constitution. Gay “rights” being superior to theirs are NOT. But that makes no difference to the fools who are “jumping up and down” because that city stood up for religious rights. Springfield, the state's largest city, repealed a six-year-old ordinance that gave “special preference” to “gay rights” and the heads of gay residents exploded. “How DARE they go against us?” I'm sure that's what they thought. Like Obama being angry that CONGRESS would go against HIM, and just as foolish, they're “going bananas about it. This is NOT about their gayness. It's about WHOSE rights are superior to others. “Some animals are more equal than others,” in other words (not calling gays animals, but referring to “Animal Farm,” a prophetic book by George Orwell, although I'm sure they will claim it). Too many courts have ruled otherwise, and are making the Constitution meaningless. The whole point is, the gays are pushing “rights” that do not exist. I'm sure they will scream, “intolerance” to bully people into doing their bidding. (World Net Daily)

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