Sunday, April 19, 2015

"Clinton Could Announce!"

As soon as this weekend! (Written on 4/10) Hooray! (pant, pant!) Oh, joy! The world awaits with “baited breath,” Hillary's “announcement” of what we've known for years! She's “running for president!” Again! They promised her it would be “her turn” this time in return for “moving out of the way” so that unknown entity, Barack Obama, could con his way into the White House. They “rewarded” her before with a stint as Secretary of State, a job at which she failed miserably, but which allowed her to enrich herself even more. No other Democrat of consequence has shown an interest in announcing (yet), to stay out of her way (Correction: three unknowns have expressed an interest, I guess so nobody could SAY it's a "set up") so it looks like we're going to be “saddled” with her as the Democrat nominee (unless another Obama crawls out of the woodwork). But we don't care. She has failed at everything she has ever tried and gotten people KILLED through her incompetence. If she ever gets elected, she will be but a “figurehead,” and those who run things from “behind the scenes” will continue to make the important decisions, as usual. By the way, liberals are telling us not to call Hillary by her first name, since that's “sexist.” Who cares what liberals say, anyway? I use words I choose, and which I think are appropriate. PC Police be damned! (Just common sense)

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