Thursday, April 23, 2015

Criminal Charges for Truth

What IS it with some Americans? Don't they know the Islamic terrorists are at WAR with us and are wantonly MURDERING us? Even if our president is either too stupid to know it, or is “in league” with them? Laura Loomer, a student at Barry University, exposed the school's SUPPORT for ISIS, and was threatened with “criminal charges” being filed against her. This in a country that SUPPOSEDLY has freedom of speech GUARANTEED in our Constitution. The guy who filed the charges used a “stretched out version” of the “two person requirement” in Florida that requires the permission of both parties to a recorded conversation be obtained before publishing a video of a person, which is a “twisted version” of this law. But the point is, people at this school SUPPORT ISIS. This frightens me, and should frighten ANYBODY who is smart enough to know ISIS is POISON! There is too much of this ignorance going around. (Last Resistance)

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