Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sounds Like Hillary

The FBI is telling the Inspector General that IT (the FBI) can “inspect the evidence” and “decide for itself” what to release to them in the “investigation” into the “Fast and Furious” Obama gun-running scheme, as well as other scandals. That sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton's “releasing” those e-mails SHE determines are not of “a personal nature” while she actively DESTROYS the rest so NOBODY (other than her) can look at them and decide whether or not she's lying. The FBI is SUPPOSED to be “cooperating” in those “investigations,” but that doesn't sound much like “cooperation.” it sounds like active OBSTRUCTION, to me. This is how the Obama administration works. That's what allows him to say “there are no real scandals in my administration.”.He's hoping to delay and delay until he's no longer in office (If he's ever not in office), hoping those then in charge will say, “He's gone, so why pursue it?” (Washington Times)

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