Monday, April 27, 2015

$15.00 An Hour Minimum STUPID!

You'll hear a lot about raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour from many politicians (mostly Democrats, where most of the stupidity is). They just can't understand economics. You can NOT pay a person more then he/she is worth and stay in business. Flipping burgers or pushing buttons on a computerized cash register is just NOT WORTH $15.00 an hour. And that kind of a job is NOT for people with families to raise. That job is for BEGINNERS in the workplace. More experienced workers should go elsewhere, or try for a supervisory job, which DOES pay more. You can't MAKE such jobs worth that kind of money, even by making a law. The employers will just lay off or fire people, and raise their prices. If that doesn't work, they'll go out of business. But I think that's what Obama wants, which is why he and his “followers” push it so hard. Then he can blame it on capitalism, when the blame is HIS. But he's well known for blaming everything bad on somebody else when HE created it. (Just common sense)

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