Friday, April 3, 2015

Gay Bullies Lose

They wanted to put this pizza store out of business for refusing to “cater” a gay wedding. Never mind that nobody EVER asked a PIZZA joint to cater a WEDDING before and they had to canvass for miles and DAYS before finding ANYBODY who said they would not cater such a “wedding.” But they persevered, searching valiantly (if mostly vainly) for a “bigoted” business to spotlight for refusing. When they conned an innocent young woman employee into saying what they wanted her to say, they “unleashed” their forces, including the TEN people who can make their Tweets look like they came from thousands, and even included some death threats. The store had to close, but since then, those who SUPPORT them have collected more than $500,000.00 (other sources say only $100,000.00, but that's still a lot) to support them until the phony “hooraw” dies down. I wouldn't be surprised if their “paid mobs” didn't show up to create a “demonstration”” like they did in Ferguson, MO, to make things look worse than they are. This whole thing was “trumped up” by Alyssa Marino, an “infobabe” from an obscure local station who was looking in vain to find a bigot, and thought she'd found one in this young, innocent employee of this pizza store who can't even speak to the policies of the owner. (World Net Daily)

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