Thursday, April 23, 2015

Christian Holocaust

No, nobody's putting them in “ovens” and gassing them. They're just murdering them all over the map for NOT being the right kind of Muslims. " 'Christians are literally being beheaded and crucified, children being raped and killed every single day. Why is the response so mute?' - Glenn Beck' ” Why, indeed? If the world leaders had guts, they'd put together an UNBEATABLE combination and go out and KILL as many of those murderous Muslims as possible. It's the only thing they understand: death. Their own, or that of other people. The good thing about THEIR deaths is that those killed will kill no more. When the Indians in America killed a lot fewer people in their efforts to remain in possession of the land our government wanted, we “wiped them out” with superior numbers. Why do we keep on with the insipid, weak efforts we're using now? Efforts that GUARANTEE the success of the Islamic terrorists? I think it's because our president is WITH them. But nobody will believe me. (Just common sense)

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