Sunday, April 5, 2015

"Are Guns A Must?"

The article below begins with this sentence: "I'd rather have a gun and never use it than not have one when somebody comes to shoot me (Or words to that effect)." Anti-gun fools stridently scream that gun ownership it NOT a necessity while many people who CANNOT get a gun for self defense are gunned down by criminals, who obey NO laws, let alone gun laws. They SAY that cops can protect us, but they can't. The best they can do is arrive AFTER the crime has been committed, write it up, carry off the body (or bodies) and MAYBE catch the bad guy later. I don't consider that "protecting us." I lie in bed of late wondering what I would do if some Islamic fool who doesn’t like what I write about them in my blogs finds out where I live and comes to kill me for it. What would I do? Attack him with bare hands? I’m 77 years old and can barely walk. I'd be dead. I wouldn’t even make it across my small room to grab his gun. I'm too slow. But if I had my own gun I could shoot him before he could get off a shot. That gun could make all the difference in the world. With violence increasing day by day, the necessity for innocent people to have their own guns to oppose the millions of ILLEGAL guns in the hands of gang members and other criminals, not to mention the Islamic terrorists who WILL eventually come here, rises with it. Politicians will NEVER realize this truth and make gun laws that actually WORK, instead of those stupid, useless laws that criminals and other crazies NEVER obey, and which kill people. (The Loadout Room)

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