Friday, April 24, 2015

Wisconsin's "Legal" Rape

In America, has it ever happened that the cops used a “battering ram” to break into a private homes, stole thousands of dollars in private property (those people will never see again) including their daughter's computer, without ANY charges resulting, and then threatening that citizen with dire results if he told ANYBODY about what had happened, much less tried to sue to get the return of his property? Yes; it HAS happened—in Wisconsin, recently, all the handiwork of ONE crooked prosecutor who went after several Republican voters who helped Gov. Scott Walker beat back his political foes. This was an effort to destroy Walker politically, and it was done by LAW ENFORCEMENT! Prompted by a corrupt Democrat politician, Milwaukee County District Attorney, John Chisholm, aided by a just as corrupt judge.

They did this under the “John Doe Laws,” which allow the cops to “investigate” ANYONE, without even a REAL suspicion of wrongdoing. And NONE of the people they raided because they helped Walker in one way or another were guilty of ANYTHING. This whole thing reminds us of 1930s Germany and the “out-of-control” SS troops; “hob-nailed boot” boys. The victims said, “I thought it was a home invasion!” It was. It was just performed by corrupt cops, under orders from corrupt politicians. They were told, “Don't call your lawyer. Don't tell your friends. Not even your mother or your neighbors. Don't try to sue us.” That should have itself been a tipoff as to the illegality of the whole operation. The corrupt judge in this case was Barbara Klucka (no relation to “Kukla, Fran, and Ollie”) Please read everything linked here, including the original report in the National Review so you will know everything.

Apparently, there's a “police state” in Wisconsin, not run by the Republican governor, but by the corrupt judiciary, prosecution, and police. How this could happen in America is in question. But under Obama, who gets away with EVERYTHING, it can be done, knowing they can do what they want, as long as nobody does anything about their lawlessness, as it seems to be with Obama. You might ask why you haven't heard about this before. Why it is Rush Limbaugh and the National Review the source. The answer is simple. The liberal media just isn't interested because the “bad guys” are Democrats. (Rush Limbaugh)

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