Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tying Their Hands

Obama 's “rules of war “tie the hands” of his soldiers behind their back in dealing with Islamic terrorists. One of the “rules” is that they may not fire on a terrorist or terrorist group until, or unless they fire first. That may seem “fair” in a non-war zone, but not where everybody you see might be an enemy combatant. Another is that you can't fire on a child (children being defined as a teenager or younger). But that same “child” can fire a gun as well as any adult, and in this particular war zone, they are taught, from BIRTH, to hate Americans and that killing them is okay, according to their “religion.”

I suspect my own brother had to kill a nine-year-old child in Vietnam right after the kid blew his sergeant's head off, just to stay alive. So why do we have to “give them the first shot?” I've no doubt that instruction alone has caused many American soldiers to be killed before they even know they're under fire. The attached article talks GENERALLY about “rules of war,” and one sentence alone stands out for me. It is the one where they say, “The only way evil people can be stopped is by other people willing to be more vicious, more violent. Violence wins wars.” Which serves to illustrate the complete stupidity of government spokesperson Marie Harf when she said, “We can't win this war by shooting people.”

What? How STUPID is that? A crack about war by someone who has NEVER been to war and doesn't know her rear end from her nose about war. And we should LISTEN to her? What we should be doing is removing all those limiting “rules of war” and tell them to simply “Shoot anybody who has a gun pointed at you, whether or not they fire first. Bring 'hell fire' down on the enemy.” Make them KNOW that to shoot at an American will mean their DEATH, in the most painful way. Believe me: if we don't “ramp up” our response to our enemies in this war overseas, soon we'll be fighting it right here in our own streets. And I guarantee you if that happens, I will not “give them the first shot.” You can depend on it. (Guns)

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