Saturday, April 25, 2015

Christian Persecution

The rampant persecution of Christians is on the rise in the Middle East, capped by the recent atrocity of 30 (or so) Christians wearing the signature orange “suits” being simultaneously beheaded and shot by Islamic terrorists. Then there's the recent atrocity where they came into a school (Or was it a shopping center? I lose track, they do it in so many places), asking people individually if they are Christian or Muslim, letting the Muslims go and killing the Christians. In Mosul, Iraq, there are no Christians left. They've all been murdered or have fled, or converted on threat of death. Yet nothing major has been done about it. We ought to mount an overwhelming force, go where the Islamic terrorists are, and kill THEM in the same manners they use to kill Christians. Just round them up and behead them. Apparently this is all they understand. The current method, sending in an EQUAL force with impossible "rules of combat", isn't working. We need to start using their tactics on them. Wouldn't that make us just as bad, you ask? NO, it wouldn't. We would just be killing the killers, not the innocents. These people have forfeited their right to be alive on this Earth by their actions. So we need to kill them where they're caught (in the act), not “capture” and “prosecute” them. That only leaves openings for further atrocities, and these people have PROVEN their willingness to commit them. (Just common sense)

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