Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"No Restrictions on Abortion!"

That's what our erstwhile Democrat Party Chair says, as she shakes her shaggy, messy mane and lets bugs fly in every direction. It plainly amazes me how MURDER can gain such a strong position that top government officials not only condone it, but proclaim it to the skies. They think it should be allowed without ANY kind of restrictions. Using birth control merely stops a birth from happening. Abortion stops a beating heart and kills a human being. That is a CRIME! And this b-tch is culpable in every baby murder that has happened since she was named to that office. They called the soldiers who were sent to Vietnam “baby killers” falsely. But this woman, and ALL persons who believe in abortion ARE “baby killers.” They MURDER defenseless infants before they can even be BORN! She thinks cases of rape and incest, as well as the life of the mother should be good reason for “exceptions” to any law banning baby murder. But that child should NOT be punished for the sins of one of his/her parents. The child can always be adopted. That does not murder him/her. The life of the mother? Yes. But that's the ONLY proper exception. Never the “convenience” of the parent. Pro-abortion people talk about “the right of women to decide what happens to her own body." But prostitution is still illegal in most places. That's a CLEAR double standard. (Daily Caller)

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