Monday, April 20, 2015

CEOs Paid Too Much?

Hillary thinks America's CEOs are getting paid too much because they earn so much more than their employees. What this fool doesn't understand about economics and business would fill a large book. She doesn't understand that CEOs bring in more money by far than do most of their employees (who are there only to IMPLEMENT the ideas and originality of the “top brass”). Hillary, meanwhile, WITHOUT such originality of thinking, NOR genius, earns more than THEY do. But she doesn't think there's anything wrong with that. ALL liberals, for the most part, earn a LOT more than the average American, mostly by haranguing those who CREATE all the wealth and CLAIMING they “don't pay their share,” when the government's own figures (those Obama can't control, that is) say millionaires and billionaires pay MOST of the income taxes paid. But liberals not only ignore that, they tell you it's not true. It is liberals, you'll remember, who DENY the very EXISTENCE of LOGIC! (Washington Examiner)

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