Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Speech Fees" A Scam

The Clintons prove it. There is NO SPEECH worth $300,000.00 to $500,000.00. But that's what Hillary and Bill get each time they agree to spew nonsense such as “toppling American rich” (which, even if it were possible would be a CRIME), and are paid that money BY the “American rich—the only people who HAVE that kind of money to throw around in order to “BUY” politicians. And buy politicians they do, disguising it by calling it “speech fees” they pay to politicians they think can, and WILL do them some good in the future. The Clintons have it better than most, since BOTH benefit from the thinking that Hillary may be our next president and will be able to help those companies make billions more, simply by signing something into law.

But the Clintons aren't the only politicians to work this scam. Almost ALL politicians do it, all the time. Just about EVERY political speech where the speaker gets more than a “travel cost” fee is a bribe for that politician. In addition, people like AlGore use the same process to push their individual swindles. Al's is “global warming,” since renamed (because the original name wasn't working any more) to a sufficiently neutral name so that he could attribute ANY weather anomaly to his swindle and make himself some more billions. The Clintons have done this regularly since they left the White House, and have become multi-millionaires between “speech fees” and advances to write books nobody wants to read, and do not buy. There are many ways to bribe politicians, and these are two of them. (Just common sense)

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