Monday, April 27, 2015

Williams Has It Backwards

Juan Williams says the NRA is “Whipping white America into hysteria over gun control.” by promoting “self-protection from crime” as a reason for gun control. Funny; that's the MOST IMPORTANT reason for carrying a gun. Self protection from criminals and crazies who already HAVE their guns, ILLEGALLY. The NRA does fall for a phony premise by promoting guns for “sports purposes.” Hunting is just a SMALL part of it, self-defense is the biggest part of it, and you can't minimize it by simply saying so. In actuality, it is OBAMA that is “whipping up” BLACK “race hatred” of WHITES every time he gets a chance. And his “followers” do likewise. And they're succeeding. Black thugs everywhere are taking that as SUPPORT for them to kill--white (and black) cops. The black cops because they consider them traitors to their race. Which is a RACIST position, but you'll never convince them of that. Racists (on both sides) are never deterred by reality. I'm sorry I supported him when NPR fired him tor not “toeing the liberal line.” (Breitbart)

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