Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"Sauce for the Goose"

Gays INSIST that Christian-owned bakeries bake cakes for their gay “weddings.” But it seems it doesn't work the other way around. Go into a gay-run bakery and ask for a wedding cake for a Christian wedding and you might get into trouble. In this case a pastor tried to get a “biblical-based passage” put on a cake and the gay owner of the bakery called the COPS, charging the pastor with wanting an “expression of hate” put on his cake. I guess hate is what you want it to be for some people. Seems like those bakeries run by people who APPROVE of homosexuality are held to a slightly different standard than those who don't. I always thought they called that a “double standard.” The Civil Rights Commission ruled that THREE bakeries in Colorado who refused to make a cake with the words, “God hates sin—Psalm 45:7” and “Homosexuality is a detestable sin—Leviticus 18:22” did not have to do so, and their refusal was NOT discriminatory. Funny: Why is it that not baking a cake with a GAY message on it IS discriminatory, but this one is NOT? Sounds like the “deck is well and truly STACKED in favor of the gay drive to FORCE their wishes on Christians. Now, I have nothing against gays, or what they do to each other in private, but I DO have something against the crappy things they are doing to OTHERS today. Somebody's trying to make an illegitimate point. (World Net Daily)

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