Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Suspicions Confirmed

I've always thought those ubiquitous TSA screeners were more interested in “feeling up” people than they were in finding anything on them that would allow them to take over an airplane and fly it into a building, as in New York City in 2001. Now my suspicions have been confirmed by the ADMISSION of one screener that she (SHE!) “set things up” so a MALE screener could feel certain MEN up during the PRETENSE of a “more diligent search.” She says she “created an anomaly” by setting her computer on “female” to make it “beep” during the “usual” feeling up so the other screener could have an excuse to actually run his hands (palms forward) over the genitals of the man for his own sexual gratification. The only thing that surprised me is that it was a WOMAN setting things up so a MAN could feel up a MAN, Those screeners have been forever discredited, and will have a much harder time making people think all they're doing is trying to “protect” passengers. Just as that co-pilot did for co-pilots, everywhere by locking the cockpit door and flying his plane into a mountain. (CBS Denver)

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