Friday, April 10, 2015

She Couldn't Find Bigotry

So she “ginned it up.” Alyssa Marino, who is an “infobabe” for a local TV station in the South Bend, Indiana area (ABC 57), was going door-to-door searching for someone to make her story that there was “bigotry abounding” in the area. She couldn't find any and was about ready to give up when she walked into “Memories Pizza” in Walkerton, IN and asked a young, naive girl who was working the counter if they would cater a gay wedding. Never mind there has never BEEN a wedding catered by a pizza joint, gay or otherwise. This young lady said they would not, for religious reasons. Never mind she is not the manager, that nobody has ever even ASKED them to do so, and she doesn't make policy for the store. But Alyssia had her “hook” on which to base her “ginned-up” story so she “ran with it.” George Soros' 10 people who have an algorythm to make their Tweets look like they come from thousands went into action and even made “death threats,” forcing the closing of the store. It was all “ginned up,” but that's how liberals work when they want to sensationalize a story. (News Busters)

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