Friday, April 17, 2015

Reid: 12 Different Versions

Seems like every time Sen, Harry Reid (D-NV) tells the story of how he hurt his eye, it changes. First, it happened when he was alone in his bathroom. Now it happened in an “unspecified room,” with his wife “standing right there.” Next, we hear a story about his brother, who “got drunk and had a fight with a family member (unnamed, of course)." Rush Limbaugh thinks he was beaten up by the mob, when he failed to deliver something he promised them. I don't know why his story changes so much, every time he tells it, but a continually changing story is the sign of a LIAR. And we know Harry is an unrepentant liar, anyway, after his LIE that Romney had not paid taxes for ten years—which he now ADMITS, and is in no way sorry for, since Romney lost. And this is the sleaze level of top “leaders” in our government. This kind of sleaze starts at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (the White House) and ends up in your local dog catcher's office. If it's okay with the PRESIDENT to lie (and Obama is the chief LIAR in our government), it seems like it's okay for ALL politicians (except Republicans, of course). (Just common sense)

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