Sunday, April 26, 2015

Criminal Government Takeover

I've just figured it out. ( I knew it for a long time, but it has just recently “come together” in my mind in its totality). Obama is not just an “opportunistic politician,” he's the “top Capo” in the criminal takeover of our government. He (or the people behind him, I don't know which) run the group that RUNS this mob. They “fixed it” so he could come in, shove the “inevitable candidate,” Hillary, aside, so he could “rule” for the eight years it would take to destroy this country from inside. As he continues to appoint Muslim after Muslim to important positions in our government—positions that can continue after he is gone; after he appoints many questionable people to other important posts, such as Attorney General and Secretary of State, and many other positions that weren't noticed by his “lap dogs” in the media.

Then some of his “lower level thugs” do things like battering their way into the homes of Republican contributors, stealing their property, and telling them they can't “breathe a word” of it to their friends, or ANYBODY, with impunity, I see a pattern developing and I think it began when Obama “crawled out from under his rock” and “took over,” pacifying Hillary by giving her one term as Secretary of State, to keep her mouth shut until he could consolidate his power with the promise she could be the next president if she promised to follow his orders. But fortunately the whole thing hinges on the Republicans not putting any “roadblocks” in his way, as they haven't so far. And Republican voters staying ignorant of what he's REALLY doing. But those voters are showing signs that they won't be cooperating—which might mean the next eight years under a REPUBLICAN administration, which would be a lot harder for him to control.

Another thing that will “throw a monkey wrench into his plan” is the abysmal stupidity of people like Hillary, who told the “rescue mission” to Benghazi that COULD have possibly saved those four important lives to “stand down.” Something she steadfastly denies, while Obama puts people who were THERE under a “gag order” so they can't reveal what REALLY happened without taking the chance on going to a federal prison. This is all strictly my OPINION, but it is based on many FACTS. His loyal allies in the liberal media keep painting Hillary as yet again the “inevitable candidate, HOPING all her own scandals will not ruin her chances. But they're wrong. She's just too “scandal-prone” to ever get elected, and further she has nothing to offer except to “topple the rich,” which means NOTHING. The proof is that Democrats are looking a little more closely at "Ol' Joe" to be the next president (Oh, God!). (Just common sense)

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