Monday, April 20, 2015

Likely Fired for Defending Himself

And for stopping the robbery of the store in which he worked. Yes, he DID “break their rules” by bringing his gun into the store and, (heaven forbid) using it when a criminal tried to rob the store. But what did they expect him to do? Let the guy rob them, and maybe kill HIM? This is a personal defense issue. Such “rules” are WRONG. This guy didn’t MISUSE his gun; he used it in the proper manner to defend himself AND the store. He didn’t shoot at, nor threaten an innocent person at any time. He didn’t “make it plain” that he was “carrying.” But the bureaucrats in the store management FIRED him, as stupid bureaucrats will do, in their ignorance. I just hope the media attention will help him get another job, this time with somebody who has some intelligence. This guy has a good attitude. “I’d rather be armed and not need it that not be armed and be victimized. I can always get another job” (Hopefully, in Obama’s world). (Bearing Arms)

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