Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This Is Why We'll Lose

We're destined to lose to the Islamic fools who want to kill ALL people they can't con into “converting” to their phony religion. Not because they're such fierce opponents (they're mostly cowards), but because we are beating ourselves. This story is an example of how we're doing it. A Texas teacher told the TRUTH about Islam, and was PUNISHED for it. Without even looking, I know the excuse they give is to “keep from offending Muslims.” That this is STUPID, I have said, many times. And I expect I will get a visit soon from men in black suits and “Aviator-style” sunglasses to take me to task for it. When we “bow down” to our ENEMIES, we will soon LOSE to them and usually without a shot being fired. Unfortunately, in this case, since Islamic terrorists LOVE to kill, there WILL be shots fired, even though our fool “leaders” will be cooperating in our demise. (Freedom Outpost)

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