Thursday, April 30, 2015

"No Place In Church"

In Lansing, MI, one priest thinks ALL members of his church should be armed, at all times, And that means bringing their guns to his church. He's even willing to teach a class on gun safety IN the church. But his Bishop doesn't agree, and as Bishop, he has the authority to shut this priest down and get some people killed. He says all Catholic churches are “gun-free zones,” and that's not going to change. Yeah? Even if some yahoo comes in and starts shooting one of his churches up? Not possible, you say? It happened in Colorado Springs, Colorado not too long ago. And if it were not for one small woman parishioner who was carrying a legally-carried gun, it could have been a massacre. In fact, the shooter DID kill two people before he even got INTO the church. That Bishop is as short-sighted as are ALL anti-gun fools. They want us to WAIT for the cops to come. But that's stupid. While the cops are on their way, the shooter can kill a lot of people. An armed person there that the shooter didn't know about can (and does) make all the difference in the world—and DID in that Colorado Springs church. Guns DO have a placde in church, in a defensive capacity, to protect churchgoers. (Guns)

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