Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Man Shoots Bear

A bear was trying to get into a man’s house in Tijeras, NM and the homeowner shot him to death, according to the sheriff. The fish & Game Service is still investigating at the time of this report. Will the homeowner face charges for killing this bear? You never know with all the liberals about. I guess the best path to follow any time is to let the bear eat you. Then you won’t face charges. Did he have his gun legally? Probably; this IS NEW Mexico, you know. Their gun laws are much more reasonable there. But the feds are the ones to decide if he will face any charges for shooting the bear. And the bear had not been scared off by a previous “warning shot.” Any intelligent person would have shot him, but intelligent action means nothing to federal agents. They don’t operate with intelligence. They only operate “by the book,” which is usually written by people of NO intelligence. (Yahoo News)

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