Thursday, April 9, 2015

Killing Their Own Jobs

McDonald's workers in Denver and elsewhere are demonstrating in favor of raises to $15 per hour for what amounts to an “entry-level job” for people who aren't worth much money because they have NO SKILLS or abilities and must be TAUGHT to do the simplest things like how to make coffee or count change out of a cash drawer. Most of them can't even do that, and require a cash register that TELLS them how much change to give. If that register goes down, they must have a calculator sitting next to it to help them calculate how much change to give. They can't even figure THAT out in their minds. This “entry-level job” is NOT for people who have a family to support, and anybody who HAS a family that is still working there should go elsewhere to find work where they can earn higher wages (if they're WORTH it). Any adult trying to raise a family who still works for McDonald's is in the wrong place. Demanding that SILLY amount of money for so simple a job is STUPID, and will cause McDonald's, and anybody else FORCED to pay that much by the liberal FOOLS in Washington, will soon find it necessary to cut their work force, raise their prices, and/or go out of business. These people are NOT WORTH $15 an hour, and they'll soon find out they've destroyed their own jobs if they continue to demand it. The “Worker's World” (a communist newspaper) supports their action—of course. (Fox 31)

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