Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Open Season!"

The Police Chief in Austin, TX says, “Open carry is “open season” for armed criminals and extremists!” WRONG! It is this kind of thinking that is what's wrong with the whole IDEA of “gun control” these days. All their kind of “gun control” does is create an “open season” on UNARMED citizens who OBEY laws. Criminals do not. And what ignorance makes this cop think a LAW will stop them from getting their guns ILLEGALLY, as they do now? Only an armed populace that does not wear a uniform and are thus not known to be there will stop armed criminals from holding “open season” on honest people by shooting back. And the more criminals they KILL will bring crime stats down in a hurry, as has been PROVED in many places. One of the silliest things gun grabbers do is hold “gun buy-back” programs where criminals bring in old, barely serviceable guns, then take the money they get and buy better guns on the black market while the cops and politicians congratulate themselves on “getting guns off the street.” (Guns)

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