Thursday, April 16, 2015

Be Alert...Very Alert!

Some would say, “be afraid...very afraid,” but I won't. The only reason to be afraid though, is Obama's penchant for helping Islamic terrorists any way he can, wherever he can. They found this encampment (Obama still denies it), but apparently did nothing about it except talk. At least, not according to this article, which says nothing about anything actually being done, except for “watching them.” Who thinks it will be a long time before they start committing the same kind of atrocities here as they do in the Middle East, once they (with Obama's help) get settled and situated, with enough money behind them IN the United States? Will we wait until they start beheading CHILDREN here? Obama is a distinct danger to us. There isn't much time left to impeach him, but we should do it, anyway, before he allows the Islamic terrorists to gain a foothold here while he makes laws and “regulations” to help socialists also to gain a foothold. (Corruption Chronicles)

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