Thursday, April 16, 2015

What Is A Traitor?

Anyone who releases information you don't like released, as Edward Snowdon did. Now he's being hounded all over the world and is forced to seek “asylum” in Russia, fergawdsakes! At one point he had to LIVE in an airport because it was “neutral territory.” But Valerie Jerrett, who leaked the information about Hillary's “private” e-mail system, is a “heroine,” and continues to hold her trusted position on the White House staff. I would call this hypocritical, and it is, but hypocritical acts are EXPECTED among liberals—and liberals are the ones now RUNNING this administration. The term “hypocrite” has been used so much (properly) that is become useless to describe anything. Last I heard, there's a LAW against punishing “whistle-blowers.” But don't worry—Obama just calls it something different to “get around” the law. (Tea Party Bulletin)

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